“My dear Courtney, just want to let you know how appreciative I am of having you as my editor. You are responsive, responsible, enthusiastic, thoughtful, editing gently but probingly. Your pruning and editing with such attention is both welcome and a relief, and it has improved the manuscript significantly. Thank God for good editors like you who lighten one’s heavy loads! And thank you.”
– KAMLA K. KAPUR, author of The Singing Guru, Rumi’s Takes from the Silk Road, and Ganesha Goes to Lunch

“My very profound thanks to my editor and sherpa, Courtney Andersson, who took me on the journey from being a woman who writes to an author with a book.”
– JONI BINDER, author of Mile 46

“Courtney was incredibly helpful, and she always asked me questions to better her work…She kept up communication and explained every situation. I would definitely come back to her later for future work!”
– ELIZABETH JEANNELauthor of The Travelers