Hi there, internet stranger.

My name is Courtney Rae. I’m a fiction and nonfiction editor living in the majestic redwoods of northern California with a black cat and handsome prince. Check out my portfolio for some of my recent work.

I’ve always wanted to be an editor. To that aim, I attained a BA in English from the University of California, Berkeley and went through the Professional Sequence in Editing Certification at UC Berkeley Extension. While at Berkeley I founded and ran Imaginarium, a bi-annual speculative fiction (science fiction/fantasy) anthology that published poetry, short fiction, and art. We put out two digital issues and one print issue.

After I graduated from Berkeley, I worked at a pre-school while trying to convince myself and the hubby that the cold weather in New York wouldn’t be that bad. Then I got lucky and found an editorial assistant job at a traditional publishing house in the Bay Area. I quickly gained experience and responsibilities there, and was promoted from editorial assistant to associate editor within a year. Within two years, I was managing and acquiring all the projects in my imprint, overseeing the freelancers, and had one New York Times Best Seller under my belt.

However, in-house editors rarely get the chance to edit these days. I got to do so fairly often because I was working with a small press. But generally, an in-house editor is much more like a project manager, and while I enjoyed shepherding books from concept to print and overseeing the whole process, my real passion lies in the nitty-gritty of helping writers express their idea with eloquence and power. And that’s how Elevated Editorial began.