Editorial Services

All rates are determined after a 3-page sample edit. Rates vary based on length and quality of starting manuscript. Turnaround depends on the level of edit and how much work is involved, but I can usually get a 60,000 word manuscript turned around in 2-4 weeks.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with me about a project.

Developmental Editing

Fiction: Reviewing a manuscript for character development, plot holes, inconsistencies, style, theme, and overall narrative arc. Non-fiction: Reviewing to ensure logical arguments, consistency, strong development of ideas, and powerful overall narrative arc.
Rate: $1,000-$4,000

Line Editing

Editing, line-by-line, for style, flow, engaging language, concision, clarity, consistency, and grammar. Will call out development issues but that is not the focus.
Rate: $500-$3,500

Copy Editing

Editing with a focus on technical errors, grammar, and consistency. Will call out areas where rephrasing could improve flow or clarity. Will call out obvious plot holes or contradictions but will not fix them.
Rate: $500-$2,500


Reviewing proofs or galleys, either in print or on a PDF. Proofs or galleys are manuscripts already laid out in a book formatting program (InDesign being the most common). Will check for formatting consistency (correct pagination, running heads, alignment, bad breaks, widows/orphans, etc.) and grammar.

Manuscript Critique & Proposal Writing

Review of manuscript with constructive comments provided throughout and a multi-page report summarizing thoughts on the manuscript. No editing or rewriting.
Rate: $50-500

For preparation of a professional publishing proposal, including market research, selling points, and an original book description, add $50-150 to manuscript critique rate.


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